Many of the Pilates exercises have different levels or modifications to suit each individual to get the correct muscle movement pattern, as you work up through the levels you’ll start to notice an improvement in strength, flexibility, posture, body shape and many other benefits which helps to make you feel and look more confident and even younger. For the complete beginner these exercises should only be performed with a experienced Pilates Instructor keeping a watchful eye to make sure movements are coming from the correct muscles and that there is no cheating going on!!

When performing Pilates moves, the way in which we breathe can help perform a movement or make it become more challenging. Generally we exhale as we go into a move and inhale as we return to the start position, but this can vary depending on what is trying to be achieved. The type of breathing we use is called lateral breathing, this is where you inhale into the lower sides and back of the rib cage without creating tension in the neck and shoulder area, as you inhale you should be able to feel the ribs expanding, as you exhale the ribs will relax,  and the core muscles will start to fire up.


The Benefits Of Pilates can achieve with regular participation:

  • Refreshing mind-body gentle workout with emphasis on breathing , spinal and pelvic alignment together with concentration on smooth flowing movements.
  • Development of a stronger core, back and abdominal muscles.
  • Elongation and strengthening of muscles and improvement to joint mobility and strength.
  • Improvement of overall condition of the whole body.
  • Efficient movement by retraining your body to develop correct movement technique.
  • Pilates is a gentle way of obtaining overall exercise and is performed in several different positions including laying down, sitting and standing.
  • Pilates is safe and is used as physical therapy to rehabilitate injuries.

Pilates is challenging. Classes have a cross section of abilities ranging from complete beginners upwards . You should always listen to your own body and complete the exercises to your own ability.  Instruction is given to all abilities and questions are welcome.