Welcome to Pilates Physique! I am Angie Hoare and I have been working in the fitness industry for over 15 years and teaching Pilates since 2006.

After teaching various leisure centre classes ie. Spinning, Aerobics, Step, Circuit and Weight classes I often had a bad back and couldn’t even stand up straight in the morning, often wondering if this is how being fit is meant to feel like? I decided to do some Pilates exercises from a book, I’d always skip to the intermediate and advance section as I thought I was quite fit, it didn’t really help me and was still having to see a physiotherapist and get X-rays done. I knew something wasn’t right with what I was doing so I booked myself onto a Pilates course to teach Pilates and thought I would teach myself first.  On the course I found out I couldn’t even do a beginners level 1 exercise ! I basically was strong and tight on the outside but very weak in my core.  I performed the exercises on most days and eventually progressed , I noticed my short bulky muscles were leaner and longer, my back was pain free and mobile and generally had better shape.

Body awareness is often one of the first things people learn about when they start Pilates, from there quick progress can be made.